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Junior Einsteins Science Club

Science Parties, After-School Science Clubs, Science Workshops & Demonstrations, Super Whole School Science Shows, Science Hallowe’en, Easter &Summer Camps, Science Corporate Events, and Science Family Events & Festivals.

Junior Einsteins Science Club provide fun science entertainment for Birthdays, Communions, Christenings, Corporate Events and any other occasion!

Parties and School Demonstrations now available in Cork, Wexford, Wicklow, Meath, Kildare and The Midlands as well as Dublin.

When you book a Junior Einsteins Science Club party for your child we Guarantee there will be no mess, stress or hassles and the children will have a phenomenal experience where they discover just how fun science can be

An Experienced; Garda Checked, Fully insured (never used, of course!) Slimetastically Awesome Scientist will bring our exciting blend of science education to your child’s birthday party!

The action-packed science workshops typically last for around two hours (although they can be adjusted to fit around your timetable) with children enjoying a lot of EXPLOSIVE FUN!

No Stress For You – We bring virtually everything with us – all we need is access to electricity and we are able to setup (and clear up) our equipment in 15 minutes if need be!

Incredible experiments including hovercrafts and making Slime are just the beginning – there will be Giant Bubbles, Flying Smoke Rings, Fizzing Potions , Rockets , explosions as well as a whole array of exciting experiments.

After School Science Clubs

Get your school to have one of our AMAZING after school science clubs for your Junior Einsteins!

Summer Science Camps

We cater for primary school aged children starting from 6 years, our hands-on approach allows us to
help children to find their own level within an activity keeping them engaged and challenged. Lots of outdoor fun!
Some Examples of our activities this Summer will include: 
Slime making (Long-chain polymerisation, Newtonian & Non-Newtonian fluids)
Smoke cannons (Force, Vectors)
Model gliders (the principals of flight) & rockets
Van Der Graff generator & plasma ball madness! (electricity )
Coke & Mentos Geyser (force and nucleation)
Giant Bubbles/bubbles on fire (the physics of bubbles)
Elephant Toothpaste (Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium Iodide chemical reaction)
Dinosaur Digs
Bug Hunts

Halloween, Easter and Summer Camps available. Contact Junior Einsteins for details.

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185 euros for a one hour and fifteen minute party slot and one scientist.
If there are more than 25 children we recommend 2 scientists at a cost of 210 euros for a one hour and fifteen minute party slot

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  1. Natasha Didkivsa says:

    Thank you so much for a wonderful party organization!
    Dr. Debbi was amazing, so much fun and jokes, kids loved her.
    The “coke” was their favorite!
    Thank you and thank you again and again

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